Huhtamaki Supports Fulton Block Builders in More Ways Than One

Fulton, NY - Mark Southwick and Joe McConnell recently presented Linda Eagan with a check for $1,000.00 to support the Fulton Block Builder (FBB) matching grant program.

“We recognize that our communities strengthen when we work as a team to build commonalities and support the causes that are essential for community health and vitality. One of our core values is to treat our world with respect. That means caring about each other, the environment and the communities where we do business. FBB’s mission to Restore City Pride -One Block at a Time is a program Huhtamaki is proud to support. We are especially proud of the resident’s support and belief in their community and properties, by resident’s investing three times the amount of the grant funds in 2017” said Southwick.

In addition to the financial support Mark and Joe spent time learning about the program from Linda and John and brainstormed more ways that Huhtamaki could lend more support to this program.

One of the most exciting ideas to come out of the session was Huhtamaki’s suggestion to help FBB advertise during the period that FBB applications are being accepted (January through March.)

Eagan and Munk both praised this idea as many in the community are still unaware of the program.

“Every way we can get the word out will help. FBB wants every homeowner in the city to know about this new community revitalization program and have the opportunity to apply. Putting a banner on the Huhtamaki building will be like having our own billboard” said Eagan.

The FBB Block Challenge is a neighborhood revitalization program that encourages groups of neighbors to collaborate on exterior improvements to their properties in order to build confidence in Fulton’s neighborhoods and inspire others to reinvest.

Each participating property owner in a Challenge Block is eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar match on exterior improvements (visible from the street), up to $1,000.

If $500 is spent, a $250 match will be made. If $2,000 or more is spent the match will be $1,000. (minus taxes.)

Tips for a Competitive Application and Pre-applications are available on the FBB website:

Huhtamaki proudly bears the name of its founder, Mr. Heikki Huhtamäki.

Young Heikki, a village baker’s son, established Huhtamäki Industries in 1920 in Kokkola, Finland.

Ever since then, they’ve followed his spirit of adventure in exploring new opportunities across the world. Their purpose is to help great products reach more people, more easily.

Today Huhtamaki operates around the world, manufacturing in six continents.

They continue to form important partnerships and to make acquisitions where it counts for their customers, as well as growing organically.

Right now, Huhtamaki is growing its presence in fast-growing regions, including Africa and the Middle East, making them well placed to serve both global and local customers.

Mark Southwick, Huhtamaki Plant Manager and Joe McConnell Operations Manager are seen here with Linda Eagan, Fulton Block Builders (FBB) Administrative Director. Along with them is John Munk Huhtamaki Graphics Coordinator. John is also an FBB volunteer.

Mark Southwick, Huhtamaki Plant Manager and Joe McConnell Operations Manager are seen here with Linda Eagan, Fulton Block Builders (FBB) Administrative Director. Along with them is John Munk Huhtamaki Graphics Coordinator. John is also an FBB volunteer.

Let us tell you about our Block Leaders

Block Leaders are an integral part of the Healthy Block Initiative. They are the neighbors who step up and organize the block to submit the pre-applications and final applications.

They open their homes to neighbors and gather everyone together to talk about final projects, the mid-season parties in parks or cookouts in back yards, and coordinate opportunities for neighbors to offer each other help with projects or tools to make the job easier. They are the backbone of the organization and they do it because they care about their neighborhoods and the well-being of our city. For that, Block Leaders, we thank you.

Let us introduce you to two more of our Block Leaders, Mike MacDougall (L) and Stephen Bollenbacher with Donna Russell (R). Check out the improvements to their properties!

Watch us grow!

Have you seen these signs popping up in Fulton yards?

We did it a little different this year. We asked homeowners who were awarded grants to plant the signs in their yards so we could all watch the project progress.

You may see a new porch, an upgraded driveway, windows, mailboxes, landscaping, new front doors painted brightly or even something simple yet lovely, like bright and colorful flowers planted in the yard to admire year-after-year.

No matter what, you are definitely seeing homeowners and landlords take pride in their homes and their neighborhoods.

Here are a couple of great examples in Zone 6. 
Roberta added a new front stoop, which means a safer entryway when friends stop by. Barbara added a beautiful new porch to their home, which means additional sitting space to admire the view. Congrats to you both!

So, keep your eyes on the curb appeal that is happening this summer. Good people making great changes.


Fulton Block Builders Issues First Check of 2018

Fulton, NY - The first Fulton Block Builder check is presented to the Stoutenger’s.

The couple has completed over $10,000.00 worth of exterior enhancements to their property, and Angela has taken on the responsibilities of the Block Leader.

“I think this is a great program and it really helps build strong bonds in the neighborhood. I wanted to help in every way I can.” said Angela “Fulton has a long history of strong and friendly residents, I think FBB reminds us that we each have a part in where our city goes from here.”

The Stoutenger’s improvements included replacing their roof, adding a Coventry wall and cleaning up all the landscaping.

They’ve also added 3 new wall sconces trimmed up the tree in their front yard to open the view of their home and removed the satellite dish.

“These last two items are just as important as the additions to their home,” said Linda Eagan, FBB director.

“Not all improvements require much time or money. Separate from the projects each applicant outlines, they are also asked to indicate: A) one small thing you will add to your property to strengthen your neighborhood, and B) one small negative condition you can remove from your property. Examples of small things to add: hanging flowers, edging the lawn, putting out a new welcome mat, adding a porch flag, etc. Examples of negative conditions that can be removed: junk/ clutter on front porch or lawn, garbage cans that are routinely visible from the street, routinely tall (unmowed grass), unused satellite dishes on roof, etc. The Stoutenger’s are not only the first to finish they are an inspiration in the city,” Eagan concluded.

Tonya Crisafulli and John Monk are the volunteer FBB Ambassadors for Stoutenger’s area of the city.

Tonya said, “The seeds for reclaiming Fulton have been planted and now they are beginning to bloom. The community involvement that is brought about through Fulton Block Builders positively weaves the economic, cultural, civic, and societal fabric of our community.”

Fulton Block Builders couldn’t have asked for a stronger start.

More Discounts for Fulton Block Builder participants and the FBB volunteers

Waldron’s Furniture are the Fulton Block Builders (FBB) newest supporter. In addition to the discounts already being given by Burkes Home Supply, ACE Northern, Ontario Orchards and Lakeside Roofing and Siding - Waldron’s Furniture is now offering 15% off of all indoor and outdoor furniture.

Christopher Waldron from Waldron’s Furniture said that, “I carry many brands – most made in the United States and able to be customized. One of the several brands I carry is Lancer and Best Home Furnishings, I can order anything in the link provided below. I’m including discounts any of the Block Builder Awardees AND anyone volunteering with the Fulton Block Builders for inside the home as well. Basically I would offer a discount on anything and everything. We just started carrying outdoor furniture we now have access to 48 different sets of outdoor furniture.”

Waldrons Furniture - 763 State Route 176; Fulton

  • 15% Off All Indoor Furniture
  • 15% Off All Outdoor Furniture
  • Free Delivery

If your business is interested in providing discounts to participants OR volunteering for the Block Builders, please e-mail FBB at

The Great Outdoors RV Superstore is the newest Fulton Block Builder supporter!

Fulton Block Builders has been receiving strong support from community members, foundations and businesses. With the newest support coming from the Great Outdoors RV Superstore. President Bill Clark is seen holding the Fulton Block Builder (FBB) sign after presenting Linda Eagan, FBB Administrative Director, with a check for the 2018 Block Builder -Block Challenge and Paint Fulton grants.

Each participating property owner in a Challenge Block is eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar match on exterior improvements (visible from the street), up to $1,000. If $500 is spent, a $250 match will be made. If $2,000 or more is spent the match will be $1,000. (minus taxes). If $5,000 is spent the match will be $1,000. Blocks of people must apply together and show a strong sense of community.

Paint Fulton provides City of Fulton residents with a selection of historic color schemes to use for painting their homes. In 2018, ANY HOMEOWNER in the city will be eligible for grant awards that use these historic colors. Homeowners can fill out a simple application, and if the project is completed by October 31, 2018, will receive up to $500.00 reimbursement check. Awardees will have a photo of their home featured on the Fulton Block Builders website and Facebook page.

Great Outdoors (1).jpg

For 30 years, The Great Outdoors has been serving the RV lifestyle needs of Central New York’s communities, with locations in Fulton, Brewerton and Auburn. As the area’s most complete RV dealership, The Great Outdoors offers Recreational Vehicle sales, service, rentals and accessories. They are known for their selection, aftermarket service and customer satisfaction. “We want to thank all of our customers for helping make The Great Outdoors, Central New York's premier RV dealer. Giving back to those communities we serve is just one way that we do that” said Bill Clark. “Supporting a movement like the Fulton Block Builders is good for all of us, whether we live in the city limits or not. Increasing street appeal, developing neighborhood pride and giving all residents the opportunity to live in a thriving community benefits everyone. We are glad to get behind such a worthy grass roots effort.”

IMPORTANT DATES REGARDING 2018 Fulton Block Builders:
• Wednesday, April 18, 2018 – Final applications and Paint Fulton applications are due
• Monday April 30, 2018 – Fundraising match for the Shineman grant must be raised
• Tuesday May 1, 2018 – FBB grant awardees announced & home improvements begin
• Wednesday October 31, 2018 – awardees must complete their work