Restoring Pride in Fulton’s Neighborhoods

Many people think restoring pride in the neighborhoods in Fulton is a tall order. A small but fast growing group of people, the Fulton Block Builders, have made it their mission to change this way of thinking. Working together, we know we can get homeowners to come together in the community to collaborate on improvements to their properties, building confidence in Fulton’s neighborhoods and inspiring others to reinvest. We are dedicated to revitalizing our neighborhoods and building neighborhood pride.

The Valley News Article

Can it be done? We know it can! The Fulton Block Builders have already created a contagious spirit of hope for people in Fulton. The excitement is spreading and people are talking! On Facebook alone we reached over 6,000 people in only 8 days!
Have you heard about us yet? The local paper, The Valley News, recently ran a headline about the top stories they covered in 2016. Guess what made the list? You guessed it, the Fulton Block Builders! 

For Fulton’s neighborhoods to become vibrant, families already living in Fulton have to want to stay, and those visiting, have to conclude they might want to live here too. It is the mission of Fulton Block Builders to coordinate efforts to make this so. 

We can and will build pride in Fulton’s neighborhoods, together, one block at a time.