Watch us grow!

Have you seen these signs popping up in Fulton yards?

We did it a little different this year. We asked homeowners who were awarded grants to plant the signs in their yards so we could all watch the project progress.

You may see a new porch, an upgraded driveway, windows, mailboxes, landscaping, new front doors painted brightly or even something simple yet lovely, like bright and colorful flowers planted in the yard to admire year-after-year.

No matter what, you are definitely seeing homeowners and landlords take pride in their homes and their neighborhoods.

Here are a couple of great examples in Zone 6. 
Roberta added a new front stoop, which means a safer entryway when friends stop by. Barbara added a beautiful new porch to their home, which means additional sitting space to admire the view. Congrats to you both!

So, keep your eyes on the curb appeal that is happening this summer. Good people making great changes.