Eight rental properties are receiving a curbside facelift thanks to the Fulton Block Builder challenge

This is the first summer for the Fulton Block Builders (FBB) and it has been a very successful one. Linda Eagan, the FBB director, has been extremely pleased with the exterior improvements being made by homeowners, however there is one group she is particularly happy to be working with.  FBB has had the opportunity to engage five different landlords who are revitalizing eight different properties throughout the city.  

One of the guiding principles for Eagan has come from Charles Buki, a founder of the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative; which FBB is based on. “When we say “healthy neighborhoods” we do not mince words. We believe that lack of income should not disqualify people from growing up and living in nurturing communities. So when we say “healthy neighborhoods” we mean a place where it makes sense for people to invest their time and energy and money.”

For Eagan, this Buki quote means that she is constantly striving for all residents of Fulton to live in safe reliable housing in a city that nurtures and values all its citizens. It is important to create a place that is attractive and affordable to a variety of income groups. Whether you own your home or rent, you have the right to be proud. The five landlords participating in FBB in 2017 agree with this philosophy.

Landlord, Cheryl Baldwin has recently finished her project.  Thanks to FBB, Cheryl and her husband were inspired to repair and paint the front porch, wash the house and remove an unsightly old pipe.  “While doing the work, I was able to connect with other neighbors and have wonderful conversations about FBB, so that’s fantastic. I have been watching the news and keeping up on all of the great developments going on. It is so wonderful to see Fulton transforming in a positive direction.  My hat’s off to FBB for putting this all together and I look forward to our next season.” cheered Baldwin.

Cheryl Baldwin is just one of several landlords participating in the 2017 Fulton Block Builder Challenge

Cheryl Baldwin is just one of several landlords participating in the 2017 Fulton Block Builder Challenge

We as a community must understand that by improving neighborhoods, we will better provide for all residents. FBB is targeting limited resources in a meaningful way that creates the greatest impact. “We must generate value, equity and social investment to give hope, confidence, and opportunity for all neighborhood residents today and for our future residents tomorrow.” said Eagan