The Work is Starting and Fulton Block Builders are Happily Writing Checks to Residents

Audrey and Chuck Avery just finished repairing their side porch and replacing the rotted floor. “Chuck and I have to say that the experience with the Fulton Block Builders was awesome.  We were so pleased with Heather, Alyssa, Penny and Linda. We were glad we could obtain the funding for our side porch, which was in desperate need of replacement. All our neighbors who are participating feel the same way about this wonderful organization. We thank FBB so much and look forward to working with them in the future. “said Audrey.

Ed Kasperek is another homeowner that recently completed his renovations. A recap of his improvements includes; resealed the driveway, stained the whole house, put up new gutters where needed, new shutters, new flowers-hanging plants and perennials, new pots, new screens on 2 front bedroom windows, caulking around garage door-found big open gaps between siding and molding saving on rotting door frames.    “I really enjoyed working with Linda and Dennis of FBB to get my home back in shape. I also would like to say thanks to FBB for helping my neighbors with their projects. I have talked to some neighbors that missed out this year and will apply next year.” remarked Ed.

The FBB Block Challenge is well under way for 2017, with 22 different neighborhoods committed to make exterior improvements and revitalize their properties.  Each awarded property owner in a Challenge Block will receive a dollar-for-dollar match on exterior improvements (approved in the application), up to $1,000. If $500 is spent, a $250 match will be made. If $2,000 or more is spent the match will be $1,000. (minus taxes).