Target Areas 

1. Why are there Target Areas?

Target Areas are simply starting points for revitalization efforts. The FBB does not have the funds to target every area in Fulton at once. The targeted areas were delineated strategically because they are "Tipping Blocks." These are areas for which revitalization can be successful at moderate cost. They typically contain a critical mass of homeowners and housing strengths from which revitalization efforts have a chance to build. Later, as these areas become stronger, target Areas can be modified and expanded to include more areas in Fulton.  

2. How were Target Areas chosen?

Target Areas were identified by using data recommended by the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative. Target Areas were chosen based upon housing conditions, current housing market strength, and the presence of residents in the areas who show evidence of commitment to performing the revitalization work.  

3. My neighborhood is in a Target Area, are we guaranteed funding?    

No application is guaranteed funding. However, priority for funding will be given to strong applications that are located within target Areas for several years. Funding for Block Challenge grants are competitive, and depend upon the number of applications and funding available.

4. My neighborhood is not in a Target Area; are we not be eligible for funding?   

Priority for funding will be located in the target Areas. However, very strong applications from committed residents on streets/blocks that are just outside the target Areas (within 1 or 2 blocks) will be considered.

5. My neighborhood is not in a Target Area, will we ever be eligible for funding? 


Target Area Map

Target Areas are starting points for revitalization efforts. They are meant to expand into new neighborhoods after a number of years. Expansion of Target Areas in future years is being planned. It will depend upon the success of the initial programs in the Target Areas, and continued funding from philanthropic, corporate sponsors and individual donations. 

Click on the links below to download the area maps:

Entire Area Map

Area 1  |  Area 2  |  Area 3  |  Area 4  | Area 5  |  Area 6