Paint Fulton

What is the Paint Fulton?

Paint Fulton provides City of Fulton residents with a selection of historic color schemes to use for painting their homes. In 2018, ANY HOMEOWNER in the city will be eligible for grant awards that use these historic colors. Homeowners can fill out a simple application, and if the project is completed by October 31, 2019, will receive up to $500 in matching funds. Awardees will have a photo of their home featured on the Fulton Block Builders website and Facebook page.

Who is eligible?

  • Applying Block Challenge homeowners – add this application to the Final Application

  • One property per applicant. Applications are 1st come 1st serve.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out and turn in the application (below) when you have decided to apply.

  2. If your application is approved, paint your house using one of the historic color schemes provided on the Fulton Block Builders website. The entire house must be painted using the selected scheme.

  3. Up to 50 possible combinations of colors are possible when using the 10 schemes (See how on the Fulton Block Builders Website) Property owners are also free to rearrange the recommended placements (body, trim accents) in any manner they choose. Only the colors within a single scheme can be used.

  4. Property owners do not have to use all of the colors in a scheme, but must use at least two out of the 4 available (body, trim, accent, bonus colors).

  5. Send in a digital photograph of the house before and after the finished work, and photocopies of all receipts for paint, supplies or contractor labor. Keep the original receipts.

  6. Upon approval, a reimbursement check, for up to $500 in expenses (minus sales tax), will be issued within 6 weeks.

Click on the links below to download:

Paint Fulton Application

Find Your Color